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2009-05-15 17:37:08 by ronaldblue


new vid

2007-12-30 18:06:59 by ronaldblue

I'm making a new vid focusing on detail its a comedy with a lemon demon song but its a new song so no ones made and flash animations about it its all what i think he trying to say in it its long term so it wont be out for a while but so far so good its about a quarter of the way

I just levled up

2007-12-30 18:01:12 by ronaldblue

i just now leveled up to town watch and now have 2% more voting power!!!!!!!!!

my new video passed

2007-12-28 20:05:47 by ronaldblue

i got my new video passed 1.7 its not great but it was a little laking but I'm glad it passed and I'm anxious to start a new video